​​​Nicole's Story

In early years, Nicole volunteered as a child victim actress in mock scenes created to train, instruct, and certify first responders in Emergency Medicine.  Little did she know at the time, her grandparents' residing town would soon be devastated by a tornado.  Her mom was one of the first on the scene.

At 13 years old, Nicole felt a rumble in the first foreclosure investment she was helping to repair.   The spark of a sump pump ignited propane fumes as she sat in the living room.   The volunteer fire department was there within minutes.

​Mutual help through hard work and community service were the answer....

​Upon High School graduation, Nicole starting working in a telemarketing call center. She became a consistent top sales producer within 6 months and soon worked her way into human resources and call center management.  Through a rotation of roles, Nicole learned and worked to create stable change based on industry and employment needs while also going to business school full time. Upon college graduation, Nicole's employer encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit with a new recruiting position.  She immediately realized the need for public transportation to help employ additional workforce.  Nicole coordinated a new bus program with The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority and her local college.  She hired 16 on-campus college student recruiters at Four local universities.  She managed the work, transportation, and class schedules of the 'student employees'.  Within two weeks of implementing this program, Quality and Quantity of her workforce increased exponentially.  What's more, passion was fulfilled in creating a better life for those in the community that otherwise could not have worked to pay for tuition or to provide for their families.   

Later, Nicole started her first LLC as a wedding consultant and became a Licensed REALTOR. Three years into her real estate career, she was sought at a REALTOR's open house to practice  real estate for a billboard company in PA, NY, OH, GA, and FL.  Nicole witnessed energy reduction through wind power, solar power, and LED lighting on billboards while promoting traffic safety and tourism within the local communities she served.

During her daughter's high school years,  Nicole staffed local municipalities, businesses, and over 65 manufacturing companies with professional and light industrial labor.  Through this role, Nicole offered a free career counseling and resume coaching service to many individuals seeking a life change or career transition.  Nicole realized how important it was to overcome obstacles such as language barriers, generational gap, needed soft skill training, and lack of education in employing an equal opportunity workforce.  Further, Nicole managed a refugee job placement program with local non profit organizations.

During this time, Nicole also served as the President of the Chamber of Commerce.  In stimulating commerce in the Western Erie County Region of Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio, she was able to create more jobs, strengthen small communities, and raise money to reduce hardship.

Nicole currently resides in Colorado. As an independent contractor, Nicole  consults for companies and organizations throughout the United States. We are in a time of change.  Nicole teaches career transition classes and takes a transparent and  transformational approach to supporting entrepreneurial growth and positive change.  

We all have a story.  What is yours? 

Our mistakes... our tragedies... even our successes...


Our actions today define...  WHO AND WHAT We Are...

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