No one is suggesting that you quit your job.  These courses teach you how to regain your personal self in your current career, diversify your skillset and level of opportunity, and explore your options to match your needs and wants with where you have been, where you are, and where you are going in your career.  Separate the truth from belief and perception to become your best self.  Remove or learn to harness negative energy in or near your personal workspace while you evaluate risk and make calculated career choices in a safe environment.  Match your career path with your personal life as your personal self evolves to reach the highest peak of your performance with an organized plan.  Create goals and meet challenges with ongoing support as your plan takes effect.

If 5 or more of the following are true for you, email for a 10 minute phone consultation to determine if these classes might be right for you:

1.)      Confidentiality is important to you.

2.)      You are working full time and cannot meet during the week.

3.)      You find yourself too busy or do not have the transportation to commit to career or education development outside of your current work schedule.

4.)      You have too many obligations to focus on and seem to put off applying for jobs or developing your skillset.

5.)       You Feel like you are working for a job rather than having a career that works for you.

6.)       You have degrees and certifications that do not match your career goals or your current employment.

7.)       You are applying for jobs but are not getting calls back to interview.

8.)       You are getting interviews but are not getting job offers.

9.)       You love your job but have an issue at work that you are struggling to get resolved.

10.)    You have been working for the same place for years and your employment has been terminated or you have been placed on a performance plan.

11.)    You have been in the same field for many years and feel ready for a change.

12.)    Your line of work or your skillset is no longer in high demand.

13.)    You have had a life change or relocation that requires new employment.

14.)    You are being told you are over or under qualified.

15.)   You have gaps in employment or other issues that you do not know how to explain in a resume.

16.)   You have an entrepreneurial spirit or business idea but cannot afford to quit your current job.

17.)   You are no longer feeling challenged or motivated in your current role.

18.)   The scope of your current position has changed and no longer fits your needs.

19.)   You feel you are sacrificing your personal self or balance to meet demands in your current role in a way that is becoming unmanageable.

20.)   You are being told that you have the work experience but lack in credentials.

21.)   You are re-entering the workforce after many years off.

22.)   You have a limited budget and find that most resume writing or career coaching services are not affordable.

Email to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation

and determine if these classes might be right for you.

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